I. Study the passage and choose the best answer to the questions that follow.
            Using a simple membrane extract from spinach leaves, researchers from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have developed a bio-photo-electro-chemical (BPEC) cell that produces electricity and hydrogen from water using sunlight. The raw material of the device is water and its products are electric current, hydrogen and oxygen.
            The unique combination of a human-made BPEC cell and plant membranes, which absorb sunlight and convert it into flow of electrons highly efficiently, paves the way for the development of new technologies for the creation of clean fuels from renewable sources; water and solar energy.
            The BPEC cell developed by the researchers is based on the naturally occuring process of photosynthesis in plants, in which light drives electrons that produce the storabel chemical energetic molecules that are the fuels of all cells in the animal and the plants worlds.
            In order to utilize photosynthesis for producing electric current, the researchers added an iron-based compound to the solution. It mediates the transfer of electrons from the biological membranes to the electrical circuit, enabling the creation of an electric current in the cell.
            The electrical current can also be channeled to form hydrogen gas through the addition of electric power from a small photovoltaic cell that absorbs the excess light. This make possible the conversion of solar energy into chemical energy that is stored as hydrogen gas formed inside the BPEC cell. This energy can be converted when necessary into heat and electricity by buming the hydrogen, in the same way hydrocarbon fuels are used.
            However, unlike the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels, which emit greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere and pollute the environment, the product of hydrogen combustion is clean water. Therefore, this is a closed cycle that begins with water and ends with water, allowing the conversion and storage of solar energy in hydrogen gas, which could be a clean and sustainable substitute for hydrocarbon fuel.
            “The study is unique in that it combine leading experts from three different faculties, namely three disciplines: biology, chemistry and materials engineering,” said Prof. Rothschild. “ The combination of natural (leaves) and artificial (photovoltaic cell and electronic components), and the need to make these components communicate with each other, are complex engineering challenges that required us to join forces.”
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41. What is the topic of the text?
a. A promising step into creating a renewable energy source
b. Making use of photosynthesis to create clean energy
c. The combination of three disciplines in a research project
d. Clean renewable energy found in nature
e. Utilizing electric current to create renewable energy sources

42. The word “convert” in line 4 is closest in meaning to
a. exchange
b. transform
c. translate
d. remove
e. replace
*kata yang dimaksud berwarna kuning

43. Which of the following is TRUE according to the text?
a. The researchers used animal membranes to develop BPEC cell.
b. The researchers used cells of the animal and plants to develop BPEC cell.
c. The BPEC cell was created through electric current.
d. The BPEC cell works like the cells of animal and plants.
e. The BPEC cell uses sunlight to create fuels

44. What does the word “it” in line 11 refer to?
a. the BPEC cell
b. photosynthesis
c. the solution
d. an iron-based compound
e. electric current
*kata yang dimaksud berwarna kuning

45. The text all of the following EXCEPT
a. the electrical current can also be channeled to form hydrogen gas
b. a photovoltaic cell is used to absorb light
c. a BPEC cell stores chemical energy in the form of gas
d. the conversion of hydrogen and hydrocarbon in the same manner
e. the burning of hydrogen is more efficient than that of hydrocarbon

46. Why does the author mention the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels in paragraph 5?
a. To explain the process of hydrocarbon combustion
b. To explain the process of hydrocarbon combustion
c. To emphasize the nonpolluting product of hydrogen
d. To show similarities between hydrogen and hydrocarbon combustion
e. To explain the advantage of hydrocarbon

47. Where in the text does the author mention the product of hydrogen combustion?
a. Paragraph 3
b. Paragraph 4
c. Paragraph 5
d. Paragraph 6
e. Paragraph 7

48. What does the phrase “this energy” in line 15 refer to?
a. hydrogen gas
b. solar energy
c. chemical energy
d. hydrocarbon fuels
e. a substitute
*kata yang dimaksud berwarna kuning

49. The word “artificial” in line 22 is best replaced by
a. superficial
b. man-made
c. strange
d. foreign
e. ordinary
*kata yang dimaksud berwarna kuning

50. It can be infereed from the text that
a. hydrogen fuels emit greenhouse gases
b. the devolopment of the BPEC cell required a lot of funds
c. hydrogen fuels pollute the environment
d. the development of the BPEC cell involved a large number of expert from different disciplines
e. hydrocarbon fuels could be sustainable energy

II. The text below has incomplete sentences. Choose one word or phrase from each number that best completes the sentences.

The idea that red means stop and green means go has impacted our lives in more ways than just traffic signals. We (51) _____ from a young age that the color red means danger and green means it is okay to move forward. But why were those particular colors chosen for traffic lights in the first place? For something we have to look at every day, why couldn’t they have been prettier colors like magenta and turquoise?
            Well, it is important (52) ____ that before traffic lights for cars even became a thing, there were traffic signals for trains (53) ____ , railroad companies used red to mean stop, white to mean go, and green to mean caution. As you could go imagine, train conductors ran into a few problems with white (54) ____ go. For instance, one train conductor mistook a bright star (55) ____ a white light and thought he was all clear. (56) ____ incidences like that, railway companies eventually moved green meaning go, and it has been that way ever since.
            (57) ____ red goes, it has always been a color (58) ____ danger, long before cars were even around. This most likely started because it is the color (59) ____ so it can be seen from a greater distance than other colors. As far as yellow goes, it (60) ____ drivers because it has slightly shorter wavelength than red, but not as short as green.

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a. are taught
b. were taught
c. were being taught
d. had been taught
e. have been taught

a. to know
b. knowing
c. to be known
d. having known
e. to have known

a. First
b. Firstly
c. At first
d. In the first
e. At the first

a. mean
b. means
c. meant
d. meaning
e. that is meant

a. for
b. as
c. to
d. with
e. about

a. Since
b. When
c. Althouh
d. In spite of
e. Because of

a. As far
b. So far
c. Far as
d. As far as
e. So far as

a. indicated that
b. that indicates
c. that is indicated
d. indicates
e. indicated

a. its wavelenght is the longest
b. with the longest wavelength
c. having a longer wavelength
d. has long wavelength
e. its long wavelength

a. used to caution
b. using it to caution
c. was used to caution
d. was using it to caution
e. was used to cautioning
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