Use Instruction A to answer questions number 46 to 54
Instruction A:
Choose the best answer.

46. In topographic map with a scale of 1 : 50.000 the feature of objects which are according to reality feature are ...
a. lenght of road and raliway
b. lenght and width of mainroads
c. location and width of riverflow
d. direction and width of irrigation canals
e. forms and area of lakes

47. Based on its genesis factors, the spatial pattern of soil fertility in the Nusa Tenggara Islands (Bali – Timor) is ....
a. concentrated in the limestone area
b. decreasing as it moves west
c. increases towards the volcanic mountain areas
d. decreases in alluvial sediment
e. increases in accordance with elevation

48. The probelm faced by rural inhabitants in the villages of East Nusa Tenggara Province in July to October is ...
a. access to marine resources
b. inter-island accessability
c. scarcity of clean water resources
d. limited fertile soil
e. limited area infrastructure

49. Indonesian straits that are used for international shipping routes are ...
a. Sunda and Madura Straits
b. Bali and Lombok Straits
c. Lombok and Makassar Straits
d. Makassar and Sunda Straits
e. Bali and Madura Straits

50. The heavy rainfall with short duration in tropical areas (Indonesia), includes a small area and is accompanied by thunderstrom, occurs in which area
a. coastal low lands
b. mountain valley
c. highlands in the interior
d. mountain slopes
e. mountain sides

51. Spatial interaction occuring between the rural – city area can be directly observed through ....
a. intensify of urban land use
b. commuter from the outskirts to the centre urban
c. newspaper distribution in a city
d. the flow of ship passengers in the harbour
e. money transfer through ATMs

52. The strategic role of Puncak (Bogor) are to the inhabitants of Jakarta is as ....
a. source of vegetables and fruits
b. recreational destination
c. supplier of working force
d. marketing areas of industrial products
e. centre of dairy products

53. Metropolitan cities that have developed into world megacities are located in ....
a. the west coast of Latin America
b. the Amazon valley
c. the south coast of Australia
d. the Messissippi valley
e. the east coast of China

54. In analysis of place vulnerability to tsunami, the existance of mangrove forests and beachridge are indicators of ....
a. disaster risk
b. place sensitivity
c. danger of disaster
d. place capacity
e. disaster vulnerability

Use Instruction B to answer questions number 55 to 57
Instruction B:
Each question consists of 3 parts, i.e. STATEMENT, CAUSE, and REASON that are arranged in sequence.
(A) If the statement is correct, the reason is correct, and both show a cause and effect relationship.
(B) If the statement is correct, the reason is correct, but both do not show a cause and effect relationship.
(C) If the statement is correct and the reason is incorrect.
(D) If the statement is incorrect and the reason is correct.
(E) If the statement and the reason are both incorrect.

55. Mountainous areas with an elevation of more than 1.200 m above sea-level and steep slopes holds high potential as a water reservoir zone.
Elevated areas of over 1.200 m above sea-level receive the largest rainfall and are densely vegetated.

56. The characteristics of fauna in Indonesia is differentiated by the Wallace and Weber lines.
Fauna in the area between the Wallace and Weber lines have similar characteristics to fauna in Australia.

57. Yogyakarta and Denpasar are cities in Indonesia capable of developing creative industry based on local cultural resources.
The culture of batik and cloth-weaving has become a mass creative industry for the population of both Yogyakarta and Denpasar.

Use Instruction C to answer questions number 58 to 60
Instruction C:
(A) If (1), (2), and (3) are correct.
(B) If (1) and (3) are correct.
(C) If (2) and (4) are correct.
(D) If only (4) are correct.
(E) If all of them are correct.

58. The land price in the suburbs which is lower than in the city centre is an application of which concept

(1) interaction
(2) location
(3) interpolation
(4) accessibility

59. The low pressure trough in the South China Sea that develops into a tropical cyclone influences ....
(1) increasing the isolation of the people of Sangir Talaud Islands
(2) temporary discontinuation of oil and gas exploitation in the Natuna Sea
(3) higher waves in the Sulawesi Sea
(4) decrease in the catch of Philippine and Thailand fishermen

60. The change in population aspects of a new area caused by community mining for gold is ....

(1) a more diverse population income
(2) large gini ratio of the population
(3) increase in income per capita
(4) a more balanced sex ratio of population

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