Soal Simak UI Kelas Internasional 2015 Economics

Soal Simak UI Kelas Internasional 2015 Economics

Soal simak Ui kelas internasional

21. Basic necessities ... .
(A) have elastic demand
(B) have perfectly elastic demand
(C) have income elasticity coefficient of more than 1
(D) have income elasticity coefficient between 0-1
(E) have income elasticity coefficient smaller than 0

22. Indifference curve indicates ... .
(A) the same number of production
(B) the same amount of budget
(C) the same production costs
(D) the same level of consumption
(E) the same satisfaction

23. Companies will gain maximum profit when producing at the level of output where ... .
(A) average cost is minimum
(B) total cost isminimum
(C) total revenue is maximum
(D) marginal revenue is greater than marginal cost
(E) marginal revenue equalsmarginal cost
24. The condition in the monopolistic competitive market which is equivalent to that of in perfectly competitive market is ... .
(A) resulting in homogeneous product
(B) in the long term every company makes a normal profit
(C) companies act as price takers
(D) marginal revenue equals average revenue
(E) demand curve is horizontal

25. Given the consumption function C= α + bY , then b shows ... .
(A) constants
(B) income per capita
(C) consumption level
(D) marginal propensity to save
(E) marginal propensity to consume

26. The following which is not state tax is ... .
(A) Property tax
(B) Value added tax
(C) Income tax
(D) Sales tax on luxury goods
(E) Motor vehicle tax

27. The income of Indonesian labor working in Malaysia is included in ... .
(A) the calculation of Indonesia’s gross domestic product
(B) the calculation of Indonesia’s gross national product
(C) Indonesia’s budget of national income and expenditure
(D) the calculation of Indonesia’s national income with expenditure method
(E) Indonesia’s balance of trade

28. The economic growth rate of a country is determined on the basis of changes in ... .
(A) nominal gross domestic product
(B) real gross domestic product
(C) real net national product
(D) investment
(E) inflation rate

29. The following statement which is incorrect is ... .
(A) Prepaid expenses, depreciation, and unearned revenues involve previously recorded assets and liabilities
(B) Accrued expenses and accrued revenues involve assets and liabilities that have not been recorded
(C) Adjusting entries can be used to record both accrued expenses and accrued revenues
(D) Prepaid expenses, depreciation, and unearned revenues often require adjusting entries to record the effects of the passage of time
(E) Adjusting entries affect the cash account

30. A company purchased Rp4,000,000.00 worth of merchandise on January 10 (2/10,n/30). Transportation costs were an additional Rp350,000.00. The company later returned Rp275,000.00 worth of merchandise and paid the invoice on January 20. The total amount paid for this merchandise is ... .
(A) Rp3,725,000.00
(B) Rp3,925,000.00
(C) Rp3,993,500.00
(D) Rp4,000,500.00
(E) Rp4,075,000.00

31. Companies in an oligopoly market are faced with kinked demand curve where the top part is inelastic, while the bottom part is elastic.


In an oligopoly market, there are only a few companies that produce differentiated product and homogenous product.

32. Some factors that influence demand are prices of related goods, tastes, and income.


If the price of certain goods increases, ceteris paribus, demand of these good decreases, which is shown by the shift of the demand curve to the left.

33. The Indonesian institution responsible for managing and monitoring banking (in micro prudential) is Bank Indonesia.


Bank Indonesia as a central bank in Indonesia is the bank for banks.

34. Isocost curve will rotate inwards in the case of ... .
(1) wage increase
(2) cost reduction (company budget)
(3) interest rate hike
(4) increase in profit

35. The statement(s) that is(are) not in accordance with the conditions of the company in the perfectly competitive market is(are) ... .
(1) In the long term the company can obtain super normal profit of suffer loss
(2) The maximum profit is achieved when the total revenue is maximum
(3) The company can set the price

(4) Price equals total revenue equals average revenue
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