Soal Simak UI Kelas Internasional 2015 Indonesian And world History

Soal Simak UI Kelas Internasional 2015
Indonesian And world History

Soal Simak UI kelas Internasional

36. The political party in East Timor whose political orientation favoring integration into Indonesia is ... .
(A) Fretilin
(B) Apodeti

37. ASEAN, formed in 1967, is a collaboration of Southeast Asian Countries. ASEAN cooperation in the field of trade is ... .
(C) Zopfan

38. The impact of the influx of western penetration into the archipelago on the economy is  .. .
(A) The strengthening of intra-regional trade
(B) The strengthening of free trade in the archipelago
(C) The destruction of social order in the archipelago
(D) The destruction of intra-regional trade
(E) The destruction of the Dutch trade monopoly

39. A new strategy used in the Indonesian movements against the Dutch was ... .
(A) cultural approach
(B) modern strategy
(C) confrontation
(D) modern organization
(E) diplomacy

40. World War I involved two major groups facing each other, the Allies and the Central Powers. One of the Allies members was ... .
(A) Latin America
(B) Germany
(C) Russia
(D) Japan
(E) Turkey

41. The rise of Asia is reflected in the rise of nationalism displayed in the reaction to ... .
(A) socialism
(B) democratism
(C) liberalism
(D) imperialism
(E) industrialization

42. Among themain purpose of Pan Islamism is ... .
(A) to uniteMuslim against west penetration
(B) to foster economic independence
(C) to abolish colonialism
(D) to reject western culture
(E) to prevent the development of modern culture

43. Changes in the mechanism of production of goods are one of the characteristics of countries that underwent the industrial revolution.


Productions of goods are mostly done by machines.

44. In the 16th and 17th centuries, some regions of Europe found their identity and become a national state.
Each country formed strived to strengthen the army, navy, and air force.

45. John Calvin is a prominent figure that encouraged the growth of capitalism.
John Calvin viewed mundane job as a call of God and the principle of interest is saving.

46. Renaissance is a transition period fromthe medieval to the modern age.


European society began to revive the ancient Greek thoughts and culture.

47. The factor(s) that triggered the Russian revolution is(are) ... .
(1) distinct social status differences
(2) the development of agricultural industry in Rusia
(3) agrarian change that had an impact on farmers
(4) the reign of Tsar Nicolas II, which is a constitutionalmonarchy

48. Absolutemonarchy is the system used in France before the revolution. This can be seen from ... .
(1) II Prince
(2) Etat’s Generaux
(3) Madame Explisit
(4) Etat c’estMoi

49. The figure(s) below which is(are) associated with the development of the American history is(are) ... .
(1) Bartolomeus Diaz
(2) Amerigo Vespuci
(3) Vasco da Gama
(4) Christopus Colombus

50. Every change brings impact. The impact of the industrial revolution on economics is(are) ... .
(1) the increase of the price of goods
(2) the increase of wage
(3) the change from capital-intensive industries to labor-intensive industries

(4) the expansion of the world trade
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